This paper examines Enterprise Systems as a form of disembedding (and conversely reembedding) technology that alters the work relationships in an organization, by altering the power and control bases in such an organization. Enterprise Systems are used to facilitate the seamless integration and data exchange between the various departments within an organization. Their purpose is to automate the exchange of information and streamline the business processes within the organization. Use of an Enterprise System accords to its users responsibilities different from before, and allows for various control mechanisms to take place. Enterprise Systems as (re)embedding and disembedding technologies, lead to different levels of employee empowerment and corresponding managerial control. The results presented here are preliminary and come from an investigation in a single company. These results tend to suggest that Enterprise Systems change the work patterns in a company by disembedding the power bases and reembedding the control mechanisms used. This is accomplished with the empowerment of individuals with increased responsibilities, but also with the better managerial control of employee actions.