Financial service companies have developed a wide variety of outsourcing phenomena over the course of recent years. The goal of this paper is to conceptualize these phenomena to the extent that they can be specified in descriptive dimensions, thus making it possible to differentiate between different outsourcing scenarios. This classification will form the basis for the subsequent development of scenario-specific methods. Only then will it be possible for companies in the financial services sector to depart from their previous approach to outsourcing which up to now has largely been individual if not intuitive in many cases. Instead, they will be able to systematically analyze which outsourcing scenario applies to them, and adopt methods developed for the respective scenario while drawing on the experiences of other companies in comparable situations. Based on interviews and the discussion of related work, a four dimensional framework and appropriate scales are proposed. Using references to the “outsourced components”, “outsourced activities”, “service individualization” and “degree of independence” dimensions, respectively, various current outsourcing phenomena are then classified.