In the modern knowledge intensive economy human resources are the most critical factor behind the success of corporations. Information and communication technology (ICT) sector is one of the most knowledge intensive branches of the economy. The overall importance of ICT has also greatly increased, as it is nowadays widely integrated into almost all functions of the whole economy, business and society. As a result, it is highly important to foresee the skills needed from the ICT professionals in the future. In this paper, the Finnish ICT sector's expectations from employees in the near future are examined and compared with the ones of other industries. Based on recent researches, the new skills requested by the ICT firms, besides the certain educational degree, are often qualities of personal nature. Factors like attitudes, the world-view, personal communication skills etc. are more important than before when firms are recruiting new staff. The new needs are reflecting the changes taking place inside the ICT industry, but also in the relationship between the ICT and other sectors. The mastery of ICT and its integration into thinking and business model has become necessity in sectors like banking. ICT has entered into the core of these businesses.