Rapid Application Development (RAD) as a development methodology has its origins based within the commercial arena. As a result individual philosophies and perceptions of its rationale and applicability have led to considerable debate about its appropriateness for large complex Information Systems (IS) development. Even though RAD is becoming an increasingly accepted approach to IS development, existing literature does little to clarify the position and continues to question its suitability for large complex development projects. Contrary to published beliefs, a RAD type approach is being adopted for a large complex IS that is currently being implemented within UK Regional Government. This paper describes the case study that presents an interesting and atypical opportunity to examine the use of RAD within such a complex development environment. This research adopts an interpretive approach using an ethnographic style of qualitative research that literature posits has been effectively used for the study of information systems. It looks at the application of the development approach, considers the problems identified with such an approach and highlights the issues that impact and impinge upon the utility of RAD for such milieux.