In Thailand, the entire Thai citizens are required to carry a national identity card. Therefore, a personal data of each person such as date of birth, weight, height, blood type, religion, occupation, registered address and individual photograph image are kept in the Central Registration Database Systems (CRDS) operated by the Department of Local Administration under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior. And in order to increase the efficiency of the internal administration, this Central Registration Database can be utilized and shared by other authorized government agencies at their best interest. The Thai Royal Police Department and the Crime Combat Section are one of the government agencies that share the information from the CRDS. Frequently, individual registration database and photographs are needed for the crime investigation. In previous research, the author proposed a method called “self-similarity search” to handle searching for photographs image database (PID) to support police officers when searching criminal records [18]. By using the proposed method in comparison with the sequential search employed a database search. As a result the proposed method is faster than sequential searching and requires less space. In this research, it is aimed at the refinement of attribute, which will guarantee much faster result when using our proposed searching method provided that scars of suspected person has been earlier found