This paper presents a new curriculum for the Internet and e-business that has been developed at University of Redlands in Southern California with first offering in 2000. The paper presents the new MSIT Degree in the context of the MSIS 2000 Model Curriculum (Gorgone et al., 2000). An important similarity is an element of integration, but how the integration is achieved is different. The paper discusses the MSIT in terms of the rapid change in the economy of advanced nations towards e-business and the rapidly growing skills/educational needs in these areas. Another section examines the students entering the MSIT program and their knowledge competencies. It finds that competencies overall are novice, but that entering students in IS/engineering employment are more knowledgeable across competencies than those having other jobs. On the other hand, company type and gender are not significant in distinguishing entering competencies. The paper addresses the aspirations and goals of the students entering the MSIT program and how those goals relate to prospective career change. Entering students desire to attain integration of areas, technical skills, improved competencies, and nearly all seek to enhance career opportunities. The paper concludes by examining what the key challenges are for the MSIT program and similar new Internet/e-business based degrees.