Governments are employing modern information and communication technologies to better serve society. Raising the effectiveness of government as well as the quality of the civil service is obviously not only a matter of new technologies. It involves clear vision for the objectives, business process reengineering, business strategies for the information technology and a sense of an educational role for society. Information Systems (IS) need to be capable to support internal work within a government’s boundaries, serve the customers through digital interfaces and leverage digital relationships among social partners. To implement such a system, preparatory work is required in two axes: organization and technology. The former refers to business process reengineering initiatives and the latter to building ‘extrovert’ information systems. A new public information management philosophy underlies this significant revamping of the value propositions made to customers. The ongoing enrichment of the Ministry’s Internet interfaces follows a sound business logic, which is explained by means of an extended model based on the ICDT one. The key-enabling factor of all these advances is the re-orientation of information systems for customer-centric service.