The motivation for strategic action should be highest in volatile, unstable and unpredictable environments. For that reason, the search for a more strategic, systematic approach to IOS innovation seems especially timely and appropriate in the era of E-business. The message of this paper is that an integrated approach for E-business or (IOS) strategy formulation can be composed from the existing, but fragmented knowledge in the field of strategic (IS) management. A multiview and toolbox based framework for emergent strategic management of IOS (EMIOS) is proposed. This EMIOS framework recognises that strategic behaviour in continuously innovating “emergent” organisations, facing an environment full of turbulence and variety, requires a variety of views, tools and techniques. Therefore this EMIOS framework is based on a number of “focussing devices for reflecting and intervening the future”. This results in a fully integrated appraisal procedure of IOS innovations based on six views: the single organisation, the industry network, the supply chain network, the information and communication platform, the customer /community network, and the institutional (regulatory) network view.