Recovering from disruption and responding to a crisis is becoming a major concern for firms, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior research suggests that in the presence of uncertainty and disruption, resilience is influential in retaining performance. Less is known, however, about how organizational and technological factors come together to build a resilient firm. Using organizational information processing theory (OIPT), our study helps to fill this gap by examining the interplay between technology intensity and international related management experience to build a resilient mechanism. The empirical findings show this resilience mechanism can strengthen business performance during times of crisis. Moreover, further analysis provides new insights based on the scope of a firm’s market, supply dependency, and its business sector. Specifically, the interaction of technology intensity with international related management experience makes a greater impact on the performance for firms that are operating and selling their products or services internationally, have more dependency on an international supply, and service firms. Our findings support the complementary role of international related management experience to build a resilient firm and provide managerial insights for crisis response strategies.