In the last decade we have witnessed the growth of emerging technologies like big data that have challenged our understanding on how we carry out work and processes in organizations. I have collected over 10 years of data containing over 1.6 million comments from a popular big data community to understand how organizations resolve the tensions between the moving parts of the firm and big data technologies. As big data technologies are complex, organizations can struggle in terms of transitioning to big data systems unlike the traditional IT systems, hence I plan on conducting a qualitative study by analyzing the comments to understand the evolution process of big data technologies. I plan on using the routine lens to study this phenomenon as it can shed light into the mechanisms through which organizations resolve tensions while implementing big data systems. Specifically, the proposed research study has two goals. First, I wish to develop a formal process theory about the adoption of big data innovations and organizing using grounded theory approach. Second, through this study I would like to unpack how organizations resolve tensions between while implementing big data technologies.