Organizations have made significant investments in ERP systems with the strategic expectation that employees will utilize this technology to enhance organizational performance. However, research indicates that ERP systems are under-utilized. In order to entangle the challenge of under-utilization, this paper addresses the impact of control and empowerment on infusion – the deep and comprehensive usage of an information system. We apply a longitudinal design with two measurements to research whether the level of infusion of ERP users changes over time, and if so to what extent. Moreover we hypothesize that ‘soft’ characteristics like the organizational position, organization commitment and trust influence the relation between control, empowerment and the level of infusion of the ERP user. A survey was conducted in a large public organization which has been using an ERP system for several years. A sample of 178 matched pairs (For T1 and T2) of ERP system users and their supervisors has been collected. In this research in progress we present the theoretical mechanisms and methodological framework we employed for the data collection.