Previous studies in IT innovation adoption have dedicated scant attention to the solution of perceptual bias; which can be defined as a potential bias and error in perceptual measures due to the human tendency to make systematic errors in judgment, knowledge, and reasoning. In IT innovation adoption projects, there are multiple participants belonging different stakeholder groups that are exposed to asymmetric external/internal pressures and influences; hence, assessing different respondents in different groups using perceptual measures could be lead to erroneous interpretations if we do not take this situation into account. With this goal in mind, we propose a model to compare stakeholder perceptions on IT Innovation Adoption using confirmatory factor analysis based multitrait–multimethod analysis (CFA-MTMM). The main contribution of this article is to deal with the problem of perceptual bias when researchers have multiple respondents belonging different stakeholder groups. This contribution is relevant because a recent study shows that relatively little attention is being paid to method bias in top IS journals (King et al. 2007).