The main reason for the failure of an industry inter-organizational information system (IOIS) is the low rate of adoption and use of the IOIS. Literature on IOIS has proposed primarily factor-based models to explain the adoption decision or the extent of use. In this paper we argue that a processual view is lacking for IOIS literature. We conduct a case study of an industry IOIS at the Seaport of Barcelona, which supports the message exchanges among the port agents operating in the Seaport. Using grounded theory research approach, we conceptualize the strategies adopted by managers of the IOIS in order to promote the integration of port agents’ systems with the IOIS and its further use. We then use action-oriented diagrams to structure and report on those strategies. Finally, drawing on mutual adaptation literature, we regard those strategies as adaptations to conform to three types of misalignments: technical, delivery system and value.