Network analysis is widely used in the context of exploring social phenomena that involve disciplines such as economics, marketing and psychology. This work proposes the use of network analysis from an optics perspective as a strategic analytical intelligence tool, where it discusses its use as a support tool when prioritizing project portfolios. The research was defined through a case study carried out in a Brazilian bank, in which a specific scenario of the need to prioritize demands within the existing portfolio was considered, covering the period from 2018 to the first quarter of 2019. To study these scenarios, 2-mode networks were analyzed to visualize the context and measures of centrality degree, proximity and intermediation were also used to provide analytical intelligence in identifying the best options for negotiation and prioritization. It was concluded, through the information provided by the use of network analysis, that complex scenarios and difficulties for prioritization can be predictively diagnosed, as well as the centrality measures allow the identification of the best options for prioritization and selection and the view of the impacted areas to be involved in the negotiation. The use of network analysis technique as a support tool for decision making in the prioritization of projects portfolio is very promising and becomes potential as a new efficient option to be considered, evaluating its ability to provide analytical intelligence and insights predictive of the prioritization scenarios.