Human-machine relationships will likely become increasingly critical to organizational success. Humans are social mammals, they love and need to communicate. they need social interactions and approval or peer-review to get them through daily lives happily. Therefore, human enjoy social medias. They give human means to express themselves and receive instantaneous reaction from friends. The emergence of virtuality technology will bring new possibilities for human interaction. Therefore, the combination of these technologies with social networks seem unavoidable. Virtual Reality (VR) are predictable to give an enormous impact on daily life. The immersive technologies could lead to loneliness and escapism. This paper will clarify some of the important issues about social interaction changes caused by VR. The paper discusses VR in the human computer interaction approach and the escapist. VR is considered a different media which is very exciting, but it does raise dilemma of how best should human be appealing mind when relaxing, enjoying, escaping, or consuming media? There is threat that human can over-indulge in escapism with media. This paper is introduced the good and bad side of escapism cause by VR technology.