Technology as a means to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive and demanding market is a reality. This is also true in the retail context. Due to this increases the IT importance that needs to be managed in an increasingly efficient and transparent way to the business areas. As IT becomes more strategic Information Technology management indicators need to be increasingly aligned with business strategy and become once they are an important communication tool in the operating, projects and innovation dimensions. The aim of this study is to identify the importance of IT indicators in a retail company and its relationship with organizational performance. To meet this goal, this study aimed to identify the use of IT performance indicators related to large companies performance in the retail sector. The results showed that: (1) the management of IT indicators in retail is still related to operational management of IT; (2) the performance and value of IT as a whole is still measured based on perception; and (3) the use of IT performance indicators related to business can help IT value of communication in organizations.