There is a growing stream of research into organizational microblogging in recent years. Whilst the extant literature has mainly focused on technology-related factors to examine initial microblogging use, few studies have investigated user needs and gratifications and even less on the post initial adoption stage. Hence, the purpose of this research is to explore the factors that affect employees' intention to continue using organizational microblogs, specifically Yammer, by employing the uses and gratifications model. The results of the survey of 111 participants using PLS-SEM methodology suggest that cognitive gratification, affective gratification, personal integrative gratification, social integrative gratification and entertainment gratification positively affect employees' intention to continue using organizational microblogs. This research therefore extends our understanding of what drives employees to continue using organizational microblogs and offers suggestions for designers/managers of organizational microblogs, especially with various ways to increase employees' ongoing use of their organizations' microblogging platform.