Internal auditing is a crucial business process, as it ensures that an organization’s operations run effectively and that the organization’s business documents are credible. However, as auditing is an intensive process, the resources available are usually insufficient to conduct complete audits. It is therefore necessary to allocate audit resources in such a way that the overall risk to the organization is minimised. Furthermore, because large organizations can have a large number of departments that are separated geographically, it can be difficult to obtain input from all of the applicable role-players, such as auditors that have working knowledge of the departments and whose input can help reduce the risk faced by the organisation. In this paper a web-based solution is proposed that would aid in calculating the best resource allocation strategy given an evaluation of appropriate risk factors and other issues. The proposed system is based on both qualitative and quantitative techniques described in the literature, but offers more functionality, such as providing for users that are geographically separated. The techniques implemented, as well as the methodology followed to develop the new system will be presented. A real-world application, along with comments from an industry representative, is presented to demonstrate the usefulness of the system.