Near-field communication (NFC) is an emerging technology that is receiving global attention. NFC mobile payments are being deployed by many hardware vendors, technology companies and financial institutions. Their aim is to facilitate the use of mobile phones as a contactless payment device. A problem is the uncertainty around consumer adoption of this emerging technology. In this study we examined several factors from prior mobile payment studies, as antecedents of the intention to adopt NFC mobile payments. We present results from an online survey of 331 respondents, testing our proposed research model. Using the PLS approach to structural equation modeling (SEM) we find that security and trust concerns play a significant role in influencing perceived risk. Social influence and ease of use have a significant positive effect on perceived value. We find that perceived value is the only significant factor influencing the intention to adopt. Our findings support previous studies in the mobile payments domain. Our model can be of practical value in deciding where to invest resources in the marketing and deployment of such technologies.