Systematic literature review (SLR) addresses the question of structured literature searches when dealing with a potentially large number of literature sources. An example of a large number of literature sources where SLR would be beneficial can be found in the Information systems security literature which touches on internal agents’ behavior and tendencies to violate security policies. Upon close examination, very few studies have used SLR in the work. This work presents an insightful approach to how SLR may be applicable in the domain of Information Systems security. The article presents a summary of the SLR approach contextualized in the domain of IS security in order to address such a gap. Rigor and relevance is systematized in the work through a pre-selection and coding of literature using Atlas.ti. The outcome of the SLR process outlined in this work is a presentation of literature in three pre-determined schemes namely, the theories that have been used in information systems security violations literature, categorization of security violations as presented in literature; and the contexts that these violations occur. The work concludes by presenting suggestions for future research.