Despite early optimism, the benefits and impact of information and communication technology investments in education have not been successfully noticeable to date. This is particularly challenging in view of the continual global pressure for the digitisation of education. This paper addresses the quantifiable array of research on the management of information and communication technology in education (MICTED). Articles published between January 2010 and December 2014 in ten free, open-source, peer-reviewed electronic journals were collected to ascertain current research trends on MICTED. Through a meta- analysis a representative sample was obtained that enabled generalisation across local and international boundaries on the MICTED. A humanist approach was used to develop post- priori quantitative analysis. The data indicates a vacuity in research on MICTED. A need for empirical research on MICTED exist that will inform and guide all role players in the South African education and global context on the implementation, use and sustainability of ICT in education.