This paper seeks to inform our understanding of the role played by gender in the process of educational technology adoption in a business school in Jamaica. Gender difference studies in educational research are becoming popular but there are few studies in this domain in higher education, especially with respect to faculty. The research examines the expertise of faculty in educational technologies, as well as their adoption and non-adoption in using these technologies in teaching and learning. The study found that males accounted for 62% of faculty exhibiting high levels of expertise in educational technologies in comparison to 38% for the females. The level of adoption for males was statistically higher than females. In addition, the main enhancer was found to be “educational technologies have the potential to enhance teaching and learning” and the main barriers, “there is no reward from administration for using educational technologies in teaching”. The study reinforces the need for further research to assist with the formulation and implementation of the national policy on using educational technologies to enhance teaching and learning in Jamaica