The manufacturing industry is subject to structural economic change reflected in the constantly rising fraction of industrial services. Being confronted with the strategic challenge to reduce operating costs while at the same time meeting ever-increasing industrial service demands, manufacturing firms struggle to find the appropriate information technology (IT) solution for planning and execution. Despite the existence of a parsimonious set of standardization efforts addressing product-related services, manufacturing firms have not reached a common understanding of the product-service system and the corresponding business processes and IT systems. This paper addresses this need by exploring key requirements for information systems (IS) support of product-service systems based on a multiple case study approach. For a critical reflection we confronted those requirements with scientific and managerial frameworks which are derived from a structured literature review. We contribute to the theoretical body of knowledge by outlining six highly relevant requirements for the under-researched field of back stage service systems. Based on the explored requirements, managerial practitioners are able to draw a preliminary roadmap that prioritizes their investments according to firm specific needs.