IT (Information Technology) governance has been a widely studied subject. This has generated different definitions and conceptual models to explain it. We conduct a concept-centric literature review based on a literature reference model. We used three literature frameworks to identify key-variables to evaluate and classify Brazilian IT governance publications. These variables were used to classify 90 Brazilian publications from 2004 to 2012. The authors chose Brazil due to its economic growth and companies’ internationalization on the last years. The organizations are fonder to regulatory and compliance marks due to market visibility, driving them towards IT governance practices due to growing dependence on IT. The frameworks used in the country are usually developed abroad - then verification on how they fit with Brazilian organizations is relevant to business management. The study shows that; the most used methodology is the case study; 90% of the papers were written in Portuguese; the IT alignment is cited, but not evaluated; few cases are related to small and medium business; and decision structures are not discussed. The authors conclude presenting a conceptual model summarizing all the models and Brazilian companies’ particularities.