This research-in-progress paper aims to identify and understand factors affecting the diffusion, adoption and use of e-services in a public sector organisation. For this purpose a theoretical framework is required, which is proffered within this paper. Additionally, the proposed research approach that is qualitative in nature is briefly explained along with the reasoning for its use. Finally, conclusions, future directions and limitations to this research are provided. The contributions of this research are viewed to be the development of a theoretical framework that is specific to a public sector organisation in a developing country. For policy makers this research provides a theoretically sound framework which has applied certain constructs taken from Diffusion of Innovations Theory (DOI), Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and e-Commerce’s Trustworthiness models that can then be employed to understand the adoption, use and diffusion of e-services in a developing country. For industry this research also understands factors that are important for the adoption, use and diffusion of ICTs within a developing country.