Information is the most important asset of any organization. It is particularly important for information driven businesses like engineering asset management organizations. These businesses maintain the lifeline of economy and, therefore, it is important that the information that they capture if of high quality, processed in right systems, communicated through right channels, and presented to its stakeholders in right format. This highlights that information quality management calls for business organizations to be proactive as well as reactive, i.e. information quality concerns should be proactively addressed for every stage of information lifecycle, and at the same time it should be monitored regularly so as to take corrective action could be taken to ensure smooth functioning of information dependent business areas. The intertwined nature of information quality dimensions, such as timeliness and accuracy, adds more complexity to the already difficult scenario of information quality monitoring. This paper takes a product perspective of information and utilizes an information improvement cycle based on plan, do, check, act principle to propose a framework for information quality monitoring and improvement. It utilizes analytical hierarchy process and six sigma methodologies to obtain objective measurement of information quality by focusing on systematic assessment of multiple dimensions of information quality.