The increasing diffusion of the internet and its related internet-based services change more and more the way business is conducted or people organize their life. A particular part of these changes concerns the way corporations design and conduct their business processes. Therefore this paper examines and focuses on the IT-based design of a distinctive business process. Due to its rising importance the exemplary examined process chosen is the recruiting process. With the help of an empirical analysis of the recruiting process in Germany’s Top- 1,000 companies to we investigate the diffusion and impact of e-recruiting tools. A correlation analysis provide evidence that the usage of manual offline components such as paper-based job ads or applications forms is negatively correlated with time, financial and quality improvements of the recruiting process. In contrary, online application forms and job ads on the internet (corporate website and internet job board) are positively correlated with the improved time-to-hire, the quality of candidates and the costs for applicatant management as well as costs per application. The paper concludes that the time of paper-based recruiting is over and e-recruiting will dominate the recruiting practices in the 21st century.