Business process management has been a very active subject in practice, software industry and research for the last ten years. Many important contributions are in the business process modeling and its software implementation. Development of Business process modeling software and its ability of using Web Services are key factors for the popularity of the subject. Now businesses are increasingly capable of designing and redesigning business processes to improving business operations and reap benefits, even gaining a competitive advantage. However, research in the evaluation of business processes is lacking behind those of modeling techniques. Past studies have been either on the internal quantitative performance measures or on the satisfaction of customers using qualitative measures. In this paper an attempt is made to combine all relevant measures (with respect to the goals of the business process) into one overall measure. The overall measure is to reflect all stakeholders’ perspective and importance on the goals of business process in question. The conceptual model is believed to be a promising tool. Some issues of the model are highlighted and briefly discussed for future research.