Managers are challenged to deal with ever increasing and interconnected web of knowledge and information. Competing for attention in an information rich environment requires the use of efficient mechanisms to abstract the underlying knowledge extracted from collaborative tasks and myriad sources. Moreover, building capabilities to access and reuse the knowledge is also important. The recent push toward service oriented architectures and enabling technologies have refocused attention on knowledge management and organizational memory. Managers and users rely on a variety of information and knowledge from many sources. Their ability to access, use, and repurpose the knowledge is critical, especially when decisions are made at the group and organizational level. Topic maps based systems provide a vehicle to carry out a solution. At group levels, the topic map supports dynamic changes to the structure through collaborative search and modification capabilities. We present a model of a topic map based system that uses these theories and illustrate its use by way of supporting a group search implementation. A prototype of the model is briefly discussed.