This study aimed to develop a knowledge management (KM) model for self-reliant communities. The areas and focus groups were Ban Nam Kliang and Ban Lao Rat Phatthana, Amphoe Wapi Pathum, Changwat Maha Sarakham with 8 groups and 40 persons. Mixed research methodologies were used. Results: 1) the developed community organization KM model consisted of these stages: community preparation; building motivations, awareness, participation promotion, and building visions; making plans/developing team potentials; implementing/plans in practice and work development; and summary evaluation. 2) Every organization group generated community knowledge managers. There were KM operations comprising: building, classifying, storing, implementing, sharing, and evaluating knowledge. 3) The focus groups showed their satisfaction with work operation as a whole at a high level. And 4) The factors of KM success of the community organizations included: enthusiasm about learning, leadership of the researcher and participants, participatory work climate, action learning, and work mechanisms (community organization KM centers).