In the context of a city council, the Municipal Master Plan is par excellence the planning instrument whose need to monitor the implementation of the planned actions is urgent, so that one can intervene in a timely manner, making adjustments. The solution found was the construction of a dashboard, which allows monitoring the Objectives/Actions provided in the Funchal (MMP), in a simplified, updated and true perspective. The prototype of this Business Intelligence tool has been validated as to the content, design, utility and usability. Through surveys of two groups of potential users (internal to and outside the organization), as well as semi-structured interviews with two representatives of the executive of the local authority. The results showed the approval of the use of the dashboard in the referred monitoring, as well as the need for its adoption. However, it is clear that in addition to making this dashboard available to the general public, a framework must be carried out so that the information is perceptible to such a diverse group.