Industry 4.0 is a reality, and organisations must assess the viability of their current Information Systems (IS) to integrate this paradigm change. In this work, a study within a Portuguese manufacturer is presented. Here, to overcome a set of problems and to understand the company’s Industry 4.0 maturity, the implementation of a Kanban system, supported in the company’s current IS was proposed. However, due its limitations, a physical Kanban had to be implemented instead, to convince top managers to invest in the development of a flexible e-Kanban system, which will fulfil the company’s objectives, interconnect all factory areas and bring the company closer to Industry 4.0. The results in the pilot line showed that Kanban can effectively reduce stock and improve production processes. Moreover, they show the incompatibility of the current IS, for Industry 4.0 requirements, and the limitations of the physical Kanban system when compared to e-Kanban system.