The work presented in this paper is developed within the scope of a comprehensive project, PLowDeR, whose main objective is to develop and implement a digital platform which supports the operationalization of a framework of indicators to evaluate the impact of the Aldeias Históricas de Portugal network in low density territories. This operationalization will be done using intelligent technologies (Industry 4.0). This paper presents the conceptualization of the digital platform which supports the project PLowDeR, as well as some aspects of its prototyping. Being this work in progress, the paper focuses on the presentation of the methodology (Design Science) and the functional and conceptual aspects of the platform that will allow to effectively achieve the main project objectives. In addition, although in an embryonic state, some more physical details are also presented regarding the development of the support database. The functional part of the platform is already validated with the realization of two Focus Groups with the stakeholders of the project.

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