The MOOC are characterized by their informal character and freeware, allow access to large communities, not only to students, but also to professionals in all areas, forming learning interaction, sharing and distribution knowledge networks (Jansen & Schuwer, 2015). They are an integrant part of the change, revolutionizing how people are trained, not only in teaching institutions but also in the companies. In this line of thinking we present the construction method of these courses, using good practices, that can be adopted by the organizations with accessible costs, proposed by our platform, technologies and technical development. This project adopts the platform e-Raízes Redes of the IPSantarém to support the development and testing of our model in organizations of the region NERSANT (Núcleo Empresarial da Região de Santarém). This structure is exemplified in “MOOC-HTML5 For Beginners”, in (eRR,2017). Question: Will the companies have conditions to grant training to their workers?