This paper aims to analyze published works about the UTAUT model in the annals of the three main Brazilian events in the area of Information Technology Management (CONTECSI, ENANPAD and ENADI) in the period from 2011 to 2015. It intends to contribute to a deeper understanding, through the theory, of the behavioral intention for acceptance and use of information technology (IT), especially in a context whose impact of the IT in the life of the people is increasing and dynamic. The annals of the three mentioned events were indexed in the proposed period through the Copernic Desktop Search software (version 5.1.0), posteriorly realizing a filtering by the term "utaut”. The results show that the production of articles on UTAUT in Brazil in these conditions points to a greater use in the areas like education and commerce, presenting a combination with other theories and models as a way to meet the objectives proposed by the authors.