Communications of the Association for Information Systems


The IS Bibliographic Repository (ISBIB), a central repository of Information Systems citations and author information, is a shared resource for research and researcher assessment that can support multiple streams of research. The goal of the repository is to capture research citations and other valuable information from all sub-cultures and disciplines within the international IS community, thereby providing a balanced perspective on the state of art in IS research. This repository should lead to a better understanding on the scope and objectives of IS research in general. The repository also aims to be an unbiased data source for bibliometric research, and studies on IS research methods and processes. It currently holds systematic information about 82 journals. In the spirit of community development, the repository is available to the entire IS community, free of charge. This article describes the current state of the repository and invites readers to use it both for their own research and for bibliometric analysis. Because the repository is intended to be a reflection of the global IS community, the authors, who are also its maintainers, encourage IS researchers and journal editors to provide bibliographic information to extend the repository's usefulness.