Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Blockchain represents one of the 21st century’s most impactful inventions. In addition to creating cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, this technology enables smart contract functionality and supports decentralized, secure, and private transactions. By design, blockchains enable decentralized functionality for many of today’s business applications and transform traditional centralized information systems. In this paper, we summarize four research areas that will appeal to IS scholars that a panel at AMCIS 2018 discussed: 1) cryptocurrency regulation, 2) Etherisc (a smart contract-based application), 3) decentralized blockchain applications in healthcare, and 4) Bitcoin as a blockchain application and issues with decentralization. To account for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation’s requirements to provide people with the right to be forgotten and modify personal data, we modified Pedersen et al.’s (2019) framework to accommodate off-chain data storage requirements. We deployed Pedersen et al.’s (2019) modified framework to evaluate whether one can use blockchains for three different applications. We summarize several research questions and present a research agenda that emerged from the issues highlighted during the panel discussion.





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