Communications of the Association for Information Systems


The three cutting-edge technologies virtual reality, blockchain, and 5G have increasingly attracted public attention. While virtual reality became a popular concept in the 1990s, recent technological advances and decreased costs have created a resurgence in the technology. With significant funding and early adoption, blockchain and 5G have begun to make their mark on the world. Each technology alone may disrupt business and society, but, together, they provide multiple opportunities. In this paper, we summarize a 2018 Association for Information Systems Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) panel session with IS researchers and industry practitioners that tackled important topics related to these technologies. In particular, the panel made the case for IS research that focuses on topics that emerge when these technologies intersect. Each panelist presented their perspectives based on their experience and knowledge along with current issues and future directions. This topic has significant business implications as practitioners continue to note their advancements and develop strategies to adapt in a rapidly changing environment. The topic also has implications for future research as these technologies continue to become more prevalent.