Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Zoorate emerged from its cofounders’ ambition to develop a Web portal for aggregating product reviews. The company’s core product, Feedaty, had evolved from a platform that matched reviewers by affinity into a full-fledged platform for aggregating and certifying consumer feedback. Specifically targeting online sellers and merchants, Zoorate continually increased its client based and signed up more than 1,000 customers by 2017. Supported by the strategic partnership and synergies with its shareholder 7Pixel Srl, the firm appeared to have finally set sail for success. However, several challenges lay ahead. The main competitors continued to grow in strength internationally and increasingly challenged Feedaty’s value proposition. How should Zoorate efficiently grow Feedaty? How should it deal with strong international competition that had begun to gain traction in Italy? Should the company continue to consolidate its Italian presence or expand abroad? The answer to these difficult questions would ultimately determine Zoorate’s future.