Communications of the Association for Information Systems


To build on the first CAIS special issue on IS history, this second special issue reports additional efforts and results on several aspects of the implementation of the strategic plan of the IS history initiative. Since the publication of the first special issue, I conducted several oral history interviews to collect the memories from pioneers in the IS field, including Gordon Davis, Gordon Everest, David Naumann, Jan DeGross, and Alan Merten. In this special issue, several papers cover a variety of issues about IS history, such as the rise of IS at the graduate school of management in UCLA, the IS field’s intellectual and institutional structure, theory in North American IS research, historical roots and approaches to user satisfaction research, revolutionary approach to enterprise system design using resources-events-agents design theory, the evolution of human resource information systems research, green IS research, software piracy research, the role of doctoral consortium at major IS conferences, and a recollection of LEO in East Europe during 1963-1974.





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