Communications of the Association for Information Systems


To manage distributed work, organizations increasingly rely on virtual meetings based on multimodal, synchronous communication technologies. However, despite technological advances, it is still challenging to coordinate knowledge through these meetings with spatial and cultural separation. Against this backdrop, we present a framework for investigating the sharing of dynamic representations of co-created knowledge during such meetings. We illustrate the detailed workings of the framework by analyzing how three software managers coordinated a project over a series of virtual meetings. Grounded in audio recordings of their oral exchanges and video recordings of their shared dynamic representation of the project’s status and plans, our analysis shows how their interrelating of visual and verbal communication acts enabled effective communication and coordination. In conclusion, we offer theoretical propositions that explain how interrelating of verbal and visual acts based on shared dynamic representations enable communication repairs during virtual meetings. We argue that our proposed framework provides researchers with a novel and practical approach to investigate the complex data involved in virtual meetings based on multimodal, synchronous communication.





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