Communications of the Association for Information Systems


With rapid improvements in technology, the ever-pressing need to reduce healthcare costs, and continuing legislation emphasizing medical reforms, the demand for research within the healthcare/information systems interface is growing. In this study, we ascertain the prevalent themes from the extant medical informatics literature in an effort to motivate research beyond the traditional domain of health information technology research so information systems scholars can better understand where their expertise might contribute to advancements in healthcare. We used a quantitative content analysis method to systematically explore 2,188 article texts from journals in medical informatics, medicine, and MIS published over a ten-year period. Texts were analyzed using centering resonance analysis and factor analysis and the following themes emerged from the literature: Analytics; Healthcare Operations and Standards (with sub-themes: Operations, Project Management, and Information Assurance); Knowledge Transfer/Communication (with sub-themes: Extending beyond the Organization, Internal to the Organization, and Patient-Provider); Perceptions and Managing Expectations of Information Technology; Advancements in Research; and Software as a Service. In this article, we discuss these themes in greater detail and offer directions for future research.