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Khillwar is a mobile game developer from India faced growing competition. Its leadership position in India prompted it to scout out opportunities for growth outside the country. As a strategic move, the management team of Khillwar planned to expand into emerging markets and selected China as the new business battlefield. China seemed to be the promising land of opportunities for mobile game developers and operators. However, the Chinese market posed a number of significant challenges for foreign companies, making it risky to step into this market. This case discusses the opportunities and the key challenges associated with the decision to expand in China for an Indian mobile gaming software company such as Khillwar. The teaching case is focused on discussion of various issues that an IT company needs to consider when contemplating growth outside its country of origin. The students need to consider the pros and cons of expanding into the China market and make recommendations to the management of the Khillwar team on how to make the expansion smooth and successful. This case explains the challenges of expansion to a new IT market and, specifically, to a new emerging IT market for a successful IT company.





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