Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Information Systems (IS) as an academic discipline is in different stages of evolution across countries because of different environmental and situational factors. In spite of thist, most previous studies on IS have been focused mainly in western countries, while scant attention has been given to understanding its status in non-western countries especially in the Pacific Asia Region (PAR). To address this shortcoming, and as a part of the Pacific Asia multi-country case study called IS-in-PA, this study explores the status of IS as an academic discipline in Korea by analyzing the characteristics of IS programs and IS research across 10 leading Korean universities. In order to do this, in-depth interviews and intensive secondary data gathering and analysis based on the case study approach were conducted. The results of this study offer a basic understanding of the unique aspects of IS as a discipline in Korean universities, thereby enabling more effective AIS initiatives to enhance the IS discipline in Pacific Asia, in general, and Korea, in particular. This can also serve as an early groundwork for other researchers seeking to understand the current situation and emerging trends in IS as a discipline in Korea.