Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Physicians face an increasing variety of options for using information systems in the course of delivering and managing medical care. Although the technical capabilities of medical information systems are expanding rapidly, such systems cannot be expected to be truly effective unless they mesh with the broader work system that includes the physician's work place and work routines. This research focuses on physicians' intent for continued use of an online medical evaluation system as an indicator of the mesh between an information technology and medical work environments, and it draws contextual elements from technology acceptance and compatibility models to help explain the intent for continued use. Ninety-seven physicians throughout the U.S. participated in an extensive survey that provided a basis for analysis, and results showed general support for the acceptance model used in the study. The theoretical and managerial implications of the study center on the importance of understanding continued use of medical information systems with the help of work practice compatibility and acceptance models as they apply to the demanding environment of medical practice.