Communications of the Association for Information Systems


This paper summarizes the panel discussion at AMCIS 2006 on the evolution and trends in mobile wireless services and technology. The panelists included information systems faculty members from the United States and Mexico. The covered topics included wireless fundamentals, wireless technologies, applications and value chain evolution, wearable computing, wireless mobile issues including privacy and security, issues of worldwide mobile services and trends, and social implications. The panelists believe that there has been a virtual explosion in the ubiquitous and embedded computing industry over the past decade. Computing technology is moving beyond personal computers and is progressing into devices with embedded technology. The trend of mobile wireless technologies is moving to one single device rather than multiple devices. A single device could contain any or all of the following components, such as cellular phone, digital camera, video recording, MP3, mobile cellular TV services including digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) and digital video broadcasting, handheld (DVB-H). Also, wearable computing such as watches, smart shirt and clothing, body sensors, and health monitoring devices are in the nascent stages. Wireless technology known as radio frequency identification (RFID) is used to identify objects, including living creatures. Various RFID applications including item tagging and electronic passports prompted valid loss of privacy concerns and triggered intense and sometimes irrational public discussion.