Communications of the Association for Information Systems


This study examines information systems (IS) research in Chinese Mainland in recent years and identifies the similarities and the differences between international and Chinese IS research in terms of research topics and research methods. The data consists of a total of 410 research papers published in ten leading Chinese academic journals related to IS over the five-year period from 1999 to 2004. Compared to IS research abroad, the following may be said of Chinese IS research: (1) Systems-related issues, especially system design issues, system implementation, analytical models and tools, DSS/ESS/EIS are emphasized in research topics, whereas human-related and research methodologies issues are scarce. (2) Empirical studies, including case study, survey and experiment, are few and far between. (3) The majority of non-empirical studies focus on applications and conceptual description of IS, mainly in different applied fields and introducing or illustrating hot topics abroad. The "general shift" from traditional issues such as system design to non-technical problems is still continuing. There is a need to go beyond mere description of IS related phenomenon and to move away from non-empirical to empirical studies.