Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Business enterprises continue to globalize, motivated by their search for new markets, greater efficiency in the use of resources, and greater competitiveness. Information systems and technologies serve as one of the critical success factors for making this possible. Some IS curricula supported this development by either integrating more globalization into current courses or by delivering stand-alone courses in Global IS Management as electives or requirements. The purpose of this paper is to review and propose "best practices" for the Global IS Management course, and consider contingencies that can be expected to influence the choice and success of various approaches. The paper provides a categorization of such courses based on differences in education level (graduate/undergraduate) and student population (MIS/InternationalBusiness/ mixed). We discuss experiences with approaches and practices that work across these segments, and activities targeted to each segment. The paper revisits and argues for the need to expand this curriculum, and provides practical details for MIS faculty who seek to integrate it into their own programs.