Communications of the Association for Information Systems


The Internet in developing countries grew substantially in recent years. Given the large income disparities and low telephone penetration. rates in most Latin American countries, only about 4% of the region's population can access the Internet. The International Telecommunication Union reports that teledensity (the number of telephone land-lines per 100 people) in Latin America is currently at about 10.8%. Prior research identified specific factors that hinder growth of teledensity in developing countries and specific strategies used to overcome such limitations. This study investigates Latin American telecommunication stakeholders' perspective of how these strategies can be used to address teledensity growth in the region. Survey participants (Latin America's telecommunications stakeholders) analyzed the strategies critically and modified, enhanced, or added new insights. Using appropriate statistical procedures we examined the telecommunications stakeholders' perceptions to find potential solutions the low teledensity problem. Qualitative comments to support the stakeholders' responses are reported, together with future research implications.