Mobile technologies are reshaping the global economic landscape, enhancing speed and comfort of communication and information exchange. Existing studies on the economic impact of mobile technologies taking a socio-technical system perspective are scarce. Our study shortly describes an integrative approach for such systems, which is in detail described in Högler et al. (2015), and specifically constructs the first activity in the integrative approach, i.e. defining the target objectives of the mobile system; it provides a case study at an SME to show this step's applicability and validity. In defining the target system the Analytical Hierarchy Processing technique is extended. It encompasses a) the identification of objectives, and b) the determination of the hierarchy of objectives, c) the determination of the dependencies between objectives, d) the identification of strengths of the dependencies, and e) their likeliness of appearance, a f) prioritisation and g) a consolidation of all previous sub-steps. The case study confirms the validity and applicability and provides reasons for generalisation.